how to choose a jogging stroller

How to Choose a Jogging Stroller

Jogging strollers are made especially for carrying children while on a brisk walk or run. They are quite different many respects from the all-terrain strollers.

Jogging Strollers vs. All-terrain Strollers

It’s good to know the difference between an all-terrain strollers and jogger strollers. All-terrain strollers have wide rugged tires and they also have a swivelling front wheel. Running strollers on the other hand have wide wheels with skinny tires, and a fixed front wheel that keeps the stroller straight and prevents wobbling otherwise the ride can be uncomfortable for your child.  If you plan to do lots of jogging then it’s best to purchase a jogging stroller.

Features of Jogging Strollers

Baby jogger strollers come in different styles and models. They are designed to keep the baby comfortable while moving at higher speeds, including features such as extra straps, padded push bars, and cushioned head rest areas. Regular features are also incorporated for example adjustable reclining seats to let the child sleep, and sun canopies.

Overall Build

The frames of running baby stroller are built for sturdiness without being particularly heavy, but able to withstand frequent use. The handle bars are built for good steering while maintaining comfort during the grip.  They can be designed to travel various terrains such as gravel, grass, muddy paths and sidewalks. It’s also possible to get a starter jogger for inexperienced joggers which may not have as many features as the superior models added benefit that they are usually lower priced.  Additionally twin jogging strollers are available that can fit two children.

Some of the superior running stroller models have adjustable tracks and rear suspension to minimise vibration and jolts to the child. An additional braking apparatus may be incorporated into the handlebar and they are designed to run in very straight lines.

Storage Spaces

Different baby running strollers have different storage spaces including from lower baskets, pockets in various places and parent trays. Some built to carry up to 100 pounds. Some brands also constructed to collapse and fold easily which allows you to transport them without much effort in your car or store it easily in a small closet.


Strollers can be made whereby the seats and canopies are removable which make it easier to wash them.

Best Brands

In terms of brands, some of the best rated jogging strollers are made by BOB, InStep, Phil & Teds, Valco, Mountain Buggy, Jeep and Baby Jogger.

What to Look For:

  • Ease of use for example the manoeuvring ability, the weight, adjustable handle bars, strapping and un-strapping the child.
  • Does it have fixed or swivel wheels?
  • Review the safety features, in particular the child straps and the brake system.
  • Look out for baby comfort elements such as smooth riding, reclining seats, vented cabins, sun canopies, viewing windows, padded push bar and visors.
  • Storage capacity
  • Ease of folding and storage
  • Are any of the stroller parts covered by a warranty?
  • Compare between different models and read up on reviews by users
  • Also look out for recalls on a particular model which indicates a defect in the design.
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